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Why Blockchain?


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  • Those looking to reduce their emissions will have access to a transparently priced, highly liquid carbon market on the blockchain by connecting each credit to metadata attesting to its quality and provenance

  • Also solves the problem of cross-border FX losses that may incur as it would be carried out for cheaper on a blockchain network

  • Anyone with a cryptocurrency wallet can buy / sell carbon credits/ ESG related tokenized assets. Therefore, liquidity in the market is expanded for large corporations by providing a wide array of financial instruments that incumbent architecture cannot provide

  • This stands in stark contrast to the established market structure, where companies and people with access to brokers/ dealers are typically the only ones who can buy carbon credits

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  • Decentralization helping breakdown barriers to entry into carbon markets

  • Improve market access for buyers, by expanding the market through improved price transparency and market participation

  • Improve market access for project developers by reducing the cost of carbon credit registration

  • Ratings provided on the network would be immutable and hence provide authenticity across quality of data on emitting companies

  • Ratings would be visible to the public on the distributed ledger ensuring full transparency

  • Standards framework on the blockchain coupled with carbon data collection of players in the market ensures historical storage of information and continuity.

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