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GreenCoin takes a step further than existing initiatives by having its main focus on removing excess carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Trust and transparency are crucial for reducing atmospheric emissions globally. The emerging blockchain-for-carbon market challenges the status quo by addressing supply issues of reliable and standardized carbon credits.

GreenCoin’s core carbon capture process aims to generate high-quality carbon credits on the blockchain for better transparency and accuracy.


GreenLabs enable carbon capture + emission traceability, accountability and verification utilizing blockchain technology. Our focus is on Active Carbon Removal

GreenLabs advocates for Responsible Climate Capitalism by channeling liquidity from the DeFi market, and bringing carbon into the retail market

We tokenize carbon as a commodity to provide accessibility to a carbon-backed, liquid, digital asset in the form of GreenCoin on our platform


Blockchain enabled Green Coins with its distributed ledger and smart contracts offer:


Swift Financial Access



Convenient Market Access

Deshith Gamage


Deshith Gamage is a research analyst with experience in the London start-up scene, specializing in FinTech and corporate compliance for blockchain and decentralized finance. Skilled in data management, analysis, and quality assurance for AI modelling, Deshith has a strong background in blockchain technology, financial forecasting, and compliance. He holds an MSc in FinTech with Business Analytics from the University of Westminster and has represented the Sri Lankan delegation at prestigious Model United Nations conferences on climate change.

Hassan Sabir

ESG Advisor

Hassan Sabir is an ESG and finance expert with a strong background in Sustainability, as well as Financial Reporting & Accounting. He has led Real Estate sector ESG initiatives, mapped out strategic ESG directions, and engaged with benchmarking firms such as MSCI, GRESB, and Bloomberg. Additionally, Hassan has worked with the European Parliament on EU ETS updates, served on the GRESB advisory board, and worked on Net Zero and embodied carbon strategies. He holds an MBA from Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management and has attended courses at top institutions like INSEAD, Columbia, and Harvard Business School.

Hui Gong

​Tech Advisor

Dr. Hui (Hugo) Gong is a Decentralized Finance and Blockchain lecturer at the UCL institute of Finance & Technology. He holds a doctorate in Financial Mathematics from University College London, where he conducted research for the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) specializing in cryptocurrencies and associated risks. He has established the China-UK Blockchain Association and has also co-authored “Blockchain and Coken Economics: A New Economic Era” with Professor Dong Yang.

Kalyani Inampudi


Kalyani’s background fuses asset management and data analysis. Her experience also includes deep data research and writing investment proposals. She has certifications from UNPRI, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board via the TCFD Knowledge Hub and the Associate Chartered Securities Investments (ACSI) for wealth and investment management. During her MBA studies at Imperial College, London, Kalyani focused on ESG and sustainability investing, paying particular attention to clean technology and renewable energy issues for her thesis. She currently advises fund managers and investors on ESG and sustainability. Kalyani currently works with carbon project developers. 


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