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Unlocking a Sustainable Future

With Carbon Neutral GreenCoin

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Carbon Credits Retired all time




Why Blockchain?


Those looking to reduce their emissions will have access to a transparently priced, highly liquid carbon ecosystem on the blockchain by connecting each credit to metadata; attesting to its quality and provenance. We also solve the problem of cross-border FX losses for carbon compensation on the blockchain, with less energy & and cost intensive mechanisms

The GreenLabs

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The GreenCoin utility token serves as a valuable tool for the Green Crypto Community to incentivize climate action and fundraise for reducing carbon emissions. Utilizing a low-carbon behavior capture system, the intrinsic value of the token can be accurately determined, ensuring that it reflects the community's commitment to sustainability.

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In-house experts in ERC- 20 token creation, deployment, and Investor onboarding (AML/KYC) coupled with crypto compliance and token management consultancy

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In-house carbon capture verification setup recording, reporting and monitoring credits to ensure a sequestration operation validates corresponding tokens

Value Addition

Blockchain Value Addition

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Tracking of transactional operations and validated carbon credits on a blockchain ledger

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Expert team from fields of Blockchain, Fintech, RegTech and compliance strategizing carbon capture to a decentralized global carbon credit ecosystem

GreenCoin Value Addition

ESG Expertise

In-house personnel with many years of experience in ESG working with -

  • European Commission on ESG initiatives including EU ETS, ESG Reporting frameworks

  • European Union's Horizon 2020 program, supporting Net-zero and carbon projects

  • Serving on leading ESG rating firm's advisory board

We align with

Kyoto Protocol

United Nations Net-Zero coalition

Race to Zero Campaign

Paris Agreement

Bolster accessibility and proliferation of carbon capture/credits


Value Proposition

GreenCoin Vision

Promote traceability, accountability, and verification

Benefit both the present and future generations

Strategic Partnerships


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