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Carbon Neutral by 2050?

• The ‘2050 carbon neutral pledge’ aims to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050
• This entails a commitment to restricting greenhouse gas emissions by human activity to a level; that trees, soil, and oceans can naturally absorb
• In order to attain this aim - greenhouse gas emissions must be completely eliminated worldwide within the next 50 years according to scientists

Contemporary ESG initiatives to fight carbon emissions

• Kyoto Protocol carbon credit plan for emission reduction
• Sale of excess hydrocarbon credits between nations
• Certified Emission Reduction Credits (CERCs) awarded for sustainable development to developing nations

Paris Agreement goals

• Global emissions to be reduced by 15 billion tons per year
• $100 trillion Planetary Plan created, requiring $3.5 trillion annual investment
• 25 operational ETSs as of 2022 covered 17% of global GHG emissions and implemented in 55% of global GDPA jurisdictions

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